5 Tips For Cleaning Up After A Messy Kid

5 Tips for Cleaning Up After a Messy Kid

Guest Blogger: Kara Masterson

A messy home can be frustrating, but there are solutions so you don’t have to feel overwhelmed! There are some great solutions for the mountain of toys strewn all over the floor on a daily basis.

Make Picking Up Fun

This may seem like an obvious thing to do but if you are struggling with a messy child try to make the process of picking up toys fun. Whether you sing a song, make it a race, or tell them they have to pick up five things it will go so much faster when they feel like it’s a game. It doesn’t always have to be a struggle.

Get an Attractive Toy Bin

It can be difficult to look at a pile of toys in the corner of the room every night when you are just trying to relax. On top of purchasing storage containers, buy a large wicker basket or an attractive chest for the miscellaneous toys that don’t belong in a set. It can be in the living room or the playroom as a place for the miscellaneous toys. It adds a touch of class!

Invest In Storage Containers

Creating storage space can make a world of difference in your house and how clean and organized your house appears to be. Whether it’s actually clean or not, having the toys put away in bins and off of the floor gives the appearance of a much cleaner house. There are plastic containers of all sizes to contain Legos, crafts, building blocks and just about any set of toys. Storage units are also a great way to get any old and unused toys out of your home. By using things like this you can clear up space and still keep your kid’s favorite toys.

Make a Chore Chart

Once your child reaches an age where they are understand things, you can make a sticker chart. Give them a few age-appropriate chores on their chart. If they do what you ask them to do, they can put a sticker on their chart. Once they reach a certain amount of stickers (10 for the first round is a good aim), they have earned a reward. It could be staying up 15 minutes later or having a special dessert one night.

Go Through Toys Every Two Months

Take some time every two months to go through the toys. Are there any toys they don’t play with that could be donated or stored away for the next child? Are there toys that are broken or in bad condition that you could toss? Store some out of sight and rotate them back in a few months from now to change things up!

Having a messy child doesn’t mean you have to live in chaos. There are organizational things you can buy or do to make life more manageable. Encourage your kids to pick up their toys so it is not left to you every day!

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