4 Things Your Child’s School Should Be Doing

4 Things Your Child's School Should Be Doing

Guest Blogger, Meghan Belnap

Each private or public school is different with their curriculum and how they monitor each student’s development in the classroom. When it comes to helping students learn and mature, there are several ways to increase their well-being. Although your child may be succeeding in the classroom, there are a few things that the school may be failing to incorporate into the environment.

  1. Encourage Physical Activity

More children are becoming sedentary with their activity levels and do not participate in sports during recess or after school. It’s important for schools to encourage mobility with sports that are played at recess and during class time. Your child’s school should offer sporting equipment, basketball courts, and play areas where kids can roam free and increase their well-being. This will reduce the risk of health conditions that include obesity and diabetes.

  1. Limit Screen Time

Many schools fail to limit children’s screen time with the use of iPads, smartphones, and computers. There are some institutions that even encourage too much screen time as a way to teach children or keep them entertained. Your child’s school should be helping the students remain stimulated without sitting in front of a screen throughout the day.

  1. Provide Proper Nutrition

It’s important for your child to receive proper nutrition both inside and outside of the home, which makes it important for kids to maintain a healthy diet while eating snacks or lunch at school. Unfortunately, a significant amount of schools still provide kids with frozen food options and sugary beverages. Find schools near you that take this matter seriously like Youthland Academy and make it a point to provide fresh options and lean proteins for proper development and growth.

  1. Monitor Bullying

Bullying continues to remain a common problem in every type of school, making it important that the environment that your child grows in holds a high standard. The teachers and staff at the school should maintain a practice of looking for teasing or name-calling that takes place and keep each student accountable for their actions. Disciplinary action should also be taken to maintain a safe and positive environment with a zero-tolerance policy established.

Although your child may succeed in school and enjoy their teachers, it’s important to examine the school as a whole to determine what factors are missing. The school plays a significant role in your child’s growth and well-being, which can determine how well they adjust to the world around them and succeed in life.

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