How to Entertain Your Kids at the Doctor’s Office

While I am away on vacation my little guy comes down with croup. I heard the cough come on stronger throughout the day and knew that I would end up at urgent care. I didn’t have my Go Bag since I was borrowing a car and I wasn’t prepared with any activities to entertain two little boys at the doctor’s office. Did I mention that it was nap time for my 15 month old? Oh, yes this was going to be an eventful experience!

After waiting for twenty minutes or so we were called to the exam room. My little guy was over it already. He gave the nurse a very unhappy face and tried to whack her away a few times.We then had to wait another twenty minutes to see the doctor which seemed like an eternity to the three of us.

Hmm, how to keep a 4 year old and 15 month old entertained without any toys?

Blow up a latex glove!photo-22

Possible Games

  • High fives
  • Catch
  • Don’t let the ballon glove touch the ground
  • Puppets
  • Farting sounds in the face when letting the air out

Oh yes, our trip to the doc was eventful!


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Medical Play

Urgent Care Visit

St. Patty’s Day was fun. Just hanging out with the boys, dressing them up in their green shirts and silly hats and trying desperately to get a decent picture of them.


Our day was normal until 4pm rolled around and my four-year old started to complain of ear pain. He kept persisting that it was hurting and asked for medicine. Oh, great! Now, I know it was bugging him as he is the type of kid that never complains of pain. He climbed on my lap for some comfort as he continued to complain.

I was afraid that he would get worse through the night, so I Googled urgent care clinics in our area. I found one that was open until 8pm, grabbed my Go Bag, iPad, and his favorite stuffed animal.

He was seen within just a few minutes and had a confirmation of an ear infection. I got his antibiotic prescription and headed out the door. Of course it is now after 7pm on a Sunday and our pharmacy is closed. I located a 24hr pharmacy and was home by 845pm. Gavin got his first does of antibiotic chased with a superhero ice pop. He took it like a champ and was off to bed after 9pm.

Tip for parents

Know where the nearest urgent care clinic is and 24hr pharmacy. It will save you some time and stress.

730am, eating a spiderman ice pop after taking his medicine

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