Thanks For Helping Me Exceed My Goals

When I first set out to create a blog, my goal was to have 100 friends follow my posts. I had no idea that what I started to build would have a ripple effect.

I now have close to 1,200 followers and receive weekly emails from people all over the U.S. and world. Crazy, right?

Dr. Angela Mackenzie is a pediatrician and pain specialist in Australia, who contacted me last fall on gathering more information on therapeutic positions and medical play. I was happy to share my knowledge about the interventions and the practice of child life.

She, too was in the middle of writing a book, so we passed on encouragement to one another on our journey through that process.

She has recently published her book, entitled Everybody Stay Calm: How to support your young child through medical tests and procedures. I have a copy and have to say it is a beautiful book, that is incredibly well written. This should be added to the libraries of any parent, caregiver, teacher or medical team member working with children.

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Dr. Angela Mackenzie took our conversations even a step further and referenced me in her book. How awesome is that? I feel so rewarded knowing that what I am doing is making a difference.

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The blog has opened up many doors for me and is always making me set my goals for life a little higher.

So, thank you to all that support Child Life Mommy! I appreciate hearing  that the tips I give are working and helpful! Keep sharing with your friends, family and coworkers! There will be more workshops in the future along with stepping out into the private practice.

To learn more about Dr. Angela Mackenzie, you can check out her site at

To order your copy of Everybody Stay Calm, click here


Grammie learns from a Child Life Specialist

Continuing our celebration of Child Life Month

Guest Blog post from Linda Radan: grandmother, mother and RN

Child life specialists help the whole family; Grammie learns to advocate and hold her grandchild in a therapeutic position.


Two summers ago my grandchildren were in the hospital for a long stay, including a week in ICU for one of them.  The Child Life Program at this hospital was not large or supported by the healthcare team, but the specialists they did have were wonderful.

Our best advice came from Aunt Shani Thornton. Even though she was in New York and we were in California.

When I brought my 3-year-old granddaughter into the ED it was Shani’s instructions, I followed for how to hold her while they put the IV in. I am an RN and the RN working with my granddaughter told me she had never done it like this and did not want to try.  I held my ground and she admitted it, was the easiest toddler IV she had done.

So reach out to the Child Life Specialists if you ever find yourself in need, they are angels.

If you have a story that you would like to share about working with a child life specialist, discovering the field or how your program is celebrating this month, please click here