How to Deal With Common Social Challenges: Spotlight and Giveaway of Social Leaning Books

Guest Blogger, Charity Allen from Social Learning Group

Ever struggle with patiently parenting your kiddos through any of these challenges?

  • Being too bossy
  • Difficulty compromising
  • Getting worried
  • Being inflexible
  • Being too silly
  • Fairness

As parents and educators, we too were hungry for high-quality and kid-friendly resources to help our own children (and our students) develop social skills around common social challenges.

Despite searching far and wide, we couldn’t find the right tools…and so, we made them.

After two years of development with educators and specialists, we are excited to now be using the best resources ever to proactively address common social challenges with our own children and our students!

Get ready to meet The A-Team – a friendship group whose members help each other with social skills & common social challenges in class, at school and also with friends!

The A Team kids.jpg

Each book in the series unfolds from the perspective of one of the A-Team members as they struggle on just one specific social skill challenge. As you read a book, you join the characters as they participate in their A-Team meetings, led by their teacher Ms. Corina. Their meetings are where they learn specific strategies and get Top Secret Missions that help them get better at dealing with their social challenges.

In this way, parents and educators will find these books to be an invaluable resource for teaching social skills to ALL kids.

The books are all beautifully illustrated and instantly relatable to kids! Parents who were dealing with common social challenges before will now be able to support their kids with specific strategies outlined in digestible bites each book. What a relief!

The A-Team Books.png

Come visit us at where you can learn more about the A-Team, find resources, get ideas for activities for social learning in our blog posts and get a copy of your favorite A-Team books to use with your kiddos!


More books are coming each month, so subscribe to our blog or follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates on the latest releases!

Dealing with a different social challenge with your kiddo? Send us a message, we’d love to hear what you think a topic for our next set of books should be!

Social Learning Giveaway.jpg

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Abilitee Adaptive Wear Spotlight and Giveaway

Abilitee Adaptive Wear 2

Guest Blogger: Marta Elena Cortez-Neavel, Abilitee Adaptive Wear Co-Founder & Managing Director

When Dr. Julie Sanchez realized her patients were struggling to find cute clothing that fit their various medical needs, she decided to do something about it.

Two years ago, Julie came to me with an idea to create a line of fashionable, functional clothing for children with chronic illnesses and other medical needs. Julie, who I am proud to call my Co-Founder, is a wonderful doctor, mother, and friend. She has always provided the best possible care for her patients, but when she learned of the unique challenges these families face at home, she decided she could do more.

Together, we reached out to families for ideas and inspiration, and began designing adaptive clothing and accessories. In February 2016, we launched Each item reflects a synthesis of Julie’s medical expertise, my love for fashion, and real patient feedback. Today, we can proudly say that we offer adaptive clothing that meets a wide range of needs, but doesn’t skimp on style.

Abilitee Adaptive Wear

Our large-size onesies are popular among special needs families, especially those with older children in diapers or wheelchairs, as they fit ages 2-14 years (or adult size small). Clothing adapted for medical accessories – such as feeding tubes, chemo ports, and ostomies – provides quick, easy access to these sites, making daily care more manageable. Sensory chew jewelry offers relief for children who fidget or chew, especially those with autism, sensory sensitivity, or ADHD. Our cute handmade accessories now include tracheostomy pads, feeding tube pads, and stylish “spill scarves,” but we are always adding more!

Our goal is to become everyone’s favorite online destination when it comes to adaptive clothing, but our vision is to open up the mainstream discourse to include individuals with disabilities and medical needs. If you have design suggestions, or want to get in touch, please send us an email or get connected on social media, Facebook ,Twitter  and Instagram.

Abilitee Adaptive Wear Giveaway

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Spotlight and Giveaway on PlayopolisToys®

Looking to fill your playroom, coping kit and classroom with some amazing new toys this holiday season? Then you are going to love PlayopolisToys®. They value inclusive play and sell developmental, distraction, and sensory toys for the diverse needs of all Citizens of Play.


PlayopolisToys® sells toys that engage the senses and invite open-ended, child directed play. Through play children develop skills: cause and effect, eye-hand coordination, fine and gross motor skills, cognitive and language, problem solving, and social skills. Children learn while playing. They explore what’s at hand, whether a puddle of muddy water after a rain or a pile of blocks. They assess possibilities, experiment, review, and adapt their plan based upon their experiences. When playing with others, children sharpen their social skills, learn to communicate, negotiate and cooperate.

Because we know that play builds bridges among children with diverse abilities, we sell toys that appeal to and work well for a wide range of abilities and preferences. Inclusive play reduces social isolation among children with disabilities and raises awareness among the more typically developing. A classic childhood activity for enhancing fine motor skills is coloring.
Play Color 2-1
ColorSENSEation books feature raised line drawings perfect for use with crayons, markers, or color pencils. Ideal for the visually impaired; these spiral bound coloring books benefit anyone working to develop fine motor control or who simply learns best through touch.
Play reduces stress in children (and their adults.) PlayopolisToys® sells distraction toys that enable children to turn their attention away from stressful situations and immerse themselves in play. These toys invite children of all ages to escape and explore, enabling them to cope.
TS meteor storm-1
Meteor Storm is our most popular distraction toy. To activate a continuously changing light display, a child must press and hold down the button. Letting go turns off the light. Focusing on the light show with its low hum and having control over the on/off switch delights the senses and alleviates stress. Distraction toys also often work well for short circuiting a meltdown or disruptive behavior.
Our toys are used by child life specialists, special educators, and families throughout the United States and Canada. They are available online at and can be shipped to destinations outside North America by contacting us at or by telephone at 626.792.2380.
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