Stuck in the Storm

The blizzard has finally hit New York and I’m holding down the fort with my two boys. It’s only 2pm and our day has already been filled with shoveling, playing Minecraft, pretending to be horses, baking brownies, igloo making, snowball fights, crying, more shoveling, stickers, movie watching, dance parties, cooking, whining, dart throwing, Lego building and more shoveling, crying and whining.

Who can relate?  



Have you ever heard of Insta-Snow? It’s this bizarre powder that when mixed with water it turns into this snow like substance. It’s wet, cool and can be manipulated.

I first heard of it this week at my toddler’s environmental class. They had a large tub of Insta-Snow and placed miniature arctic animals in to let the kids play. It is a great sensory activity for kids.

photo 1

I can see child life specialists and teachers planning an indoor snow day with this fun project.

photo 2