Play dough and Slime Essential Oil Recipes

Guest Blogger: Sage Dalton, Mother & Maternity RN

I got interested in essential oils while I was pregnant. Learning about the ways it could help me during pregnancy and labor. I was also excited about ways I could use them to swap out things in my home for healthier options. Now, I love the way oils help me in so many aspects of my life – sleep, mothering, energy, exercise, emotions, I could go on! 

I’m excited to share 2 recipes with you today, for aromatherapy playdough and slime. Both of these are great sensory activities. Using essential oils adds additional aromatherapy benefits. Sensory play has many benefits for kids. It builds nerve connections in the brain, supports language development, cognitive grown, gross & fine motor skills, problem-solving, imagination & social interaction. Sensory play is great for an anxious child or a child with special needs. 

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Indoor Snow Painting


Stuck indoors for the majority of this winter, (thank you polar vortex) has made us go a little stir crazy. I recently saw a post about someone painting site words on snow as an educational and fun activity. Hmm, how could I put my child life/parenting twist on this…..

Yes, bring the snow inside and let the kids paint with syringes and brushes. Let the fun begin!






DSC_0157This is something that you could do with your kids at home or in a daycare setting. It would also be a fun activity for kids on isolation or in the playroom as well.

Syringe Painting

Syringe Play




Have you ever heard of Insta-Snow? It’s this bizarre powder that when mixed with water it turns into this snow like substance. It’s wet, cool and can be manipulated.

I first heard of it this week at my toddler’s environmental class. They had a large tub of Insta-Snow and placed miniature arctic animals in to let the kids play. It is a great sensory activity for kids.

photo 1

I can see child life specialists and teachers planning an indoor snow day with this fun project.

photo 2