Play dough and Slime Essential Oil Recipes

Guest Blogger: Sage Dalton, Mother & Maternity RN

I got interested in essential oils while I was pregnant. Learning about the ways it could help me during pregnancy and labor. I was also excited about ways I could use them to swap out things in my home for healthier options. Now, I love the way oils help me in so many aspects of my life – sleep, mothering, energy, exercise, emotions, I could go on! 

I’m excited to share 2 recipes with you today, for aromatherapy playdough and slime. Both of these are great sensory activities. Using essential oils adds additional aromatherapy benefits. Sensory play has many benefits for kids. It builds nerve connections in the brain, supports language development, cognitive grown, gross & fine motor skills, problem-solving, imagination & social interaction. Sensory play is great for an anxious child or a child with special needs. 

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