Support Hospitalized Military Children on Giving Tuesday

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There are 1.7 million children of U.S. military personnel. Known as MilKids, their lives have more than the typical challenges of childhood; they often face parental deployment, multiple moves, changes in schools, as well as a lack of extended family nearby. When a child is hospitalized it adds additional stress and anxiety.

Standish Foundation has created a program to bring comfort and support to these families. In 2018, we donated toys, games and crafts to children’s hospitals at Tripler Army, Portsmouth Naval and Walter Reed Medical Centers. We’re asking for your support to continue this important program in 2019.

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Giving Tuesday“Nadeiah had so much fun with her doll. She loved decorating it and making it her own. She was so excited and happy. She named her doll “Faith” and loved that it didn’t have hair–just like her!



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#NoMoreHospitalGowns, Cancer Surviver Pays it Forward through Nonprofit, Luke’s FastBreaks

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Luke’s FastBreaks is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that makes colorful medical shirts for toddlers, children and teens in the hospital for long periods of time with serious chronic and terminal illnesses including childhood cancer, bone marrow transplant, autoimmune diseases, and organ transplants. The majority of children Luke’s FastBreaks serves have an extensive amount of IVs, lines, ports and feeding tubes.

The medical shirts enable pediatric patients to feel comfortable during their stay and boost their self-esteem by allowing for self-expression with various color options and designs. The Luke’s FastBreaks medical shirts meet hospital standards, allowing them to replace the traditional hospital gown in an effort to help with the mental fight these children face. The medical shirts also restore their privacy—something that’s often lacking in the traditional hospital gown. Most importantly, we believe these medical shirts give children back their dignity.

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Luke’s Story

The idea for the medical shirts was started by 9 year old cancer survivor, Luke Lange, from Dallas, Texas. During his hospital stay, Luke was forced to trade in his gym shorts and t-shirts for a new uniform—the hospital gown. Most pediatric patients will tell you the hospital gown leaves little room for privacy and strips them of their identity making the psychological challenges for a child fighting a serious illness like cancer even more severe.

Luke said the hospital gown made him “feel more sick”—he just wanted to feel like a normal 3rd grader.

How to get a Luke’s FastBreaks shirt

It is simple and easy to request a medical shirt for a child, just click here. The sizes range from toddler to youth all the way up to adult XXL, allowing every child and teen in hospitals to find a shirt that fits properly. You can also sponsor a shirt for a child in the hospital fighting cancer by donating $25.

Luke’s FastBreaks Impacts In Other Ways 

Luke’s FastBreaks make hospital visits. A special part of each visit is showing children and parents the Luke’s Story card, which is tagged onto each shirt (and cookie if the hospital allows). The card represents hope to many of these families and patients, as Luke shares his battle with cancer, how he BEAT cancer and his idea for the medical shirt.

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Every month, Luke’s FastBreaks recognizes a Child Life Specialist that has been nominated by a patient. We want to make sure to thank the hospital staff for serving patients so well during their fight.

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Luke’s FastBreaks also grants “wishes” for terminally ill children, like Emily from Shreveport, Louisiana. Luke’s FastBreaks partnered with JCPenney to grant her wish of becoming a “Fashion Model.” Emily was able to pick 3 friends to have their hair and makeup done while they model Luke’s FastBreaks newest designs.

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To learn more about Luke’s FastBreaks check out their website at

Luke’s FastBreaks Giveaway

Luke's FastBreaks Goodies.pngEnter to win some goodies from Luke’s Fastbreaks, including a t-shirt, hat, water bottle and bracelets.

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Holiday Heroes: Spotlight and Giveaway

Holiday Heroes

Based in the Chicagoland, Holiday Heroes partners with hospitals, businesses, celebrities and others to give children who are hospitalized due to a critical or chronic illness, a well-needed and deserved dose of fun. With a wide variety of themed parties and celebrations, we get kids smiling again. We give kids, their families, and caregivers some time to forget about the illnesses and medical procedures, by creating an experience that transports them to a joyous and hopeful place. We create events that are always welcomed, appreciated, needed and deserved. Every dollar raised by Holiday Heroes is converted into a smile at these parties.

No one wants to be in the hospital, especially kids. It’s stressful, scary, and isolating for them, their families and their caregivers. For hospitalized children, a little fun makes a big impact! Parties and play take a child’s mind away from the pain, anxiety and stresses of being hospitalized; encouraging healthy social development and better recovery from illness.

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Our hospital partner receive 1 party every quarter and they get to choose the month and matching theme for that month. We just had our St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations! We were excited to have luck of the Irish festivities brought to the children in the hospitals we serve.

Holiday Heroes uses its experience, creativity, resources and passion to inspire long-lasting joy and happy memories for these children and their families, making a lasting impact in their lives.

Have a favorite craft or holiday activity? Share it with us on our social media, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Learn more at

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