5 Reasons to Teach Your Kids About Art


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Guest Blogger, Lizzie Weakley

Art can create a world that exists only in the confines of one’s heart. It gives young people the chance to fall in love with something that will reside with them for a lifetime. Art is not only successful as a form of entertainment but as a workshop to channel the intuitive mind. Some people shun intuitive thought, but the beauty in teaching children about the breadth and potential of art is priceless. Below are just a few reasons you should teach your kids about art.

1. Expression

Effective art communicates ideas, feelings, and dreams for the future. Children are still developing and visual art can give them the tools they need to convey their thoughts without the use of words. Painting, drawing and making handcrafts can redirect negative energy into something positive. This is great for children struggling with frustration, sadness, and chaotic emotions.

2. Confidence

When a child creates, they’re bound to experience a swell of pride in their accomplishment. The influence of peers and media can make young people feel ostracized and weak, but art has the power to build an inner power. Whether you magnet a finger painting to your fridge or use a metallic frame from places like Kelly Gallery, supporting your child’s artistic pursuits is important.

3. Wisdom

Art is suffused with passion, making it a masterful instructor. Whether its music, film, literature, animation or video games, art has the power to teach in a way that’s unique and striking. Showing your children a wide breadth of art can help them become more knowledgeable of the world and different ideologies, which is vital to helping them forge their own opinions and sense of self.

4. Grace

From the elegant flit of a dancer’s limbs to the soft lines of a hand-drawn animation cell, the graceful presence within art has the power to calm and improve focus. If you have a child that is hyperactive or anxious, the silken tone of the music and charming images can help her feel centered and peaceful. Since artistic activities are often sedentary, they give kids a moment to understand the importance of quiet movement and thought.

5. Individuality

Society tends to foster the concept that certain people are superior to others based on their personality type, appearance, and other status symbols. Exposing children to art can help them develop a sensitivity to others and a genuine interest in kindness and honesty. It helps children understand the beauty of oddities, and allows them to embrace themselves so that they don’t have to build up ego of false pretense.

Regardless of age or gender, art is for everyone. There are many reasons to promote art appreciation in your household, but perhaps the biggest is that it will make you form a stronger bond with your kids. If you take the time to engage in art projects with young ones, you’ll be creating memories that will last indefinitely.

Creating a Welcoming, Happy Home Every Day

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Guest Blogger, Rachelle Wilber

You love your family and want them to have the most appealing and comfortable environment possible. Working on your home to provide the very best surroundings will provide a calm and peaceful sanctuary for them to come home to every single day. Some methods to do this include utilizing the five senses and creating an aura of safety and comfort.


One of the best ways to create this environment is to prepare home-style foods that will make them feel loved. It doesn’t matter what type of food they are; all that matters is that they are made with loving care and are very delicious. Casseroles, fresh vegetables, baked goods, country-style dishes, and green salads are great examples of the types of foods your family will relate to. Even when they are not at home, the sight and taste of these meals will re-create memories of their own beloved household.


You can use many textures in your decorating scheme. Sisal rugs and wicker or rattan furniture will help make the house feel natural and inviting. High thread count sheets will sooth even the most restless of sleepers. A soft plush throw on the living room sofa will provide warmth and comfort after a trying day. Always think of these textures when purchasing new items for the household.


The scents of candles and potpourri will remind family members of foods and other memories of the past. For example, the smell of lilac may transport an adult back to a childhood where he grew up with lilacs in the yard. The smell of home cooking, especially dishes such as fresh apple pie or a family-sized chocolate cake, will entice the occupants to the kitchen. Even the smells of your laundry detergents and fabric softeners will will have a soothing effect, so choose them carefully by smelling the different types available before purchasing. Keep pet odors and other negative smells at bay with specialized products and constant cleaning.


A music system that provides a variety of background music will create an atmosphere of peace and serenity. Play special songs at specific times. For example, there are many great morning songs to wake your family up to. There is music to play when someone is down or has accomplished a great milestone. And Christmas isn’t a great holiday without “Jingle Bells” and “Silent Night.” Make music a regular part of your life by always have a great selection of tunes available to play.


Making your home as eye-appealing and welcoming as possible is part of creating a happy and welcoming atmosphere. You can do this with shapes and color. Decide on your decor theme and make it is interesting as possible. If you like bright colors, fill your walls with dramatic art. A plainer color palette may be more soothing to some, so white, beige, and ivory may become the more prevalent tones. Some families prefer simple furnishings, while others may be more relaxed in rooms filled with family and travel mementos.


Combining all of these elements will create the home you always dreamed of, but you also want to have a household that is safe from intruders. Earning a degree in criminal justice could help a homeowner learn the skills and mindset necessary to keep a residence safe and secure from any outside harm. You can always find more information here about criminal justice degrees. Taking the time to equip your home with deadbolts, and locking windows are some of the first steps to take for a safer home.

Applying these principles in creating a loving and comforting household will give your family a warm and inviting place to come home to. They will feel loved and secure in the special environment you have created especially for them.