Supporting Children in Hospice: Podcast Interview

I’m thrilled to have had another opportunity to speak with Katie Taylor, Certified Child Life Specialist and Founder of Child Life on Call. I have had the privilege to share my work as a specialist in private practice, advocating for my kids with learning differences, and now working with children in hospice.

This is a really challenging population that specialists can work in. I look at it as an honor to be able to be present with a family and hold a safe space for them during a vulnerable and critical time.

Take a listen to our twelve-minute talk on how to best support families when their child is on hospice. Be sure to follow Child Life on Call on Instagram, and Facebook, and subscribe to their amazing podcast.

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Continuing our celebration of Child Life Month

Guest Blog post from Linda Radan: grandmother, mother and RN

Child life specialists help the whole family; Grammie learns to advocate and hold her grandchild in a therapeutic position.


Two summers ago my grandchildren were in the hospital for a long stay, including a week in ICU for one of them.  The Child Life Program at this hospital was not large or supported by the healthcare team, but the specialists they did have were wonderful.

Our best advice came from Aunt Shani Thornton. Even though she was in New York and we were in California.

When I brought my 3-year-old granddaughter into the ED it was Shani’s instructions, I followed for how to hold her while they put the IV in. I am an RN and the RN working with my granddaughter told me she had never done it like this and did not want to try.  I held my ground and she admitted it, was the easiest toddler IV she had done.

So reach out to the Child Life Specialists if you ever find yourself in need, they are angels.

If you have a story that you would like to share about working with a child life specialist, discovering the field or how your program is celebrating this month, please click here

How to Entertain Your Kids at the Doctor’s Office

While I am away on vacation my little guy comes down with croup. I heard the cough come on stronger throughout the day and knew that I would end up at urgent care. I didn’t have my Go Bag since I was borrowing a car and I wasn’t prepared with any activities to entertain two little boys at the doctor’s office. Did I mention that it was nap time for my 15 month old? Oh, yes this was going to be an eventful experience!

After waiting for twenty minutes or so we were called to the exam room. My little guy was over it already. He gave the nurse a very unhappy face and tried to whack her away a few times.We then had to wait another twenty minutes to see the doctor which seemed like an eternity to the three of us.

Hmm, how to keep a 4 year old and 15 month old entertained without any toys?

Blow up a latex glove!photo-22

Possible Games

  • High fives
  • Catch
  • Don’t let the ballon glove touch the ground
  • Puppets
  • Farting sounds in the face when letting the air out

Oh yes, our trip to the doc was eventful!


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