6 Ways Your Education Can Affect Your Family

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Guest Blogger, Kara Masterson

Education and family can play a huge role in your life; however, obtaining an education while caring for a family can greatly affect a student in different ways. Here are just six ways that your education can affect your family.

Financial Issues

An education can both create financial difficulties in the present and down the road help greatly help increase overall income. Luckily, there are many opportunities to obtain financial help through government and private organizations to reduce the upfront cost of obtaining an education, especially with Pell Grants and Scholarship options. When obtaining loans, organizations work with you to help plan your pay back options without creating financial hardships. In the long run, you have a better chance of increasing your income by obtaining an education.


If time is not carefully managed between family and school, it can create a lot of unnecessary problems. That is why it is so important to carefully plan time for school around work and family in order to be successful within your educational goals. However, you also have to make sure that you save time for your friends and family. Reaching your education goals is important, but it will never be as important as the people you love.


Obtaining an education can create both positive and negative stress. Understanding how the stress affects you individually is important so that you can learn how to handle it and overcome it. That can also help you avoid spreading your stress to the people you love. If you are super stressed because of school your family will see that and it can add a negative tone to your whole home. Just try to remain as positive as you possibly can.

You Time

Students with families need to learn the importance of taking care of themselves while attending college. It is far too easy to put yourselves aside when trying to accomplish an important task. However, it is necessary to stay both physically and emotionally healthy by focusing on living a healthy lifestyle.

Role Model

Setting a good example for your family is also super important, especially when you are trying to show your children the importance of an education. Our economy greatly benefits from educated individuals with many career requiring special training. Once your kids see how important an education is to you they will definitely be able to see more importance in it for themselves.

Increased Job Opportunities

Looking for job opportunities in evolving fields such as criminology? Obtaining a criminology degree for instance can open the doors to many opportunities. (click here for more information.) Increasing your education, can really help open doors that could provide you with a lot more opportunities in your dream job, while also providing a better life for you and your family. Many companies even pay for their employees to further their education in order to be considered for more opportunities within the company.

Overall, both family and a quality education are essential parts of your life. That is why it is so essential for you to do the best that you can to find a good balance between these things. That way you can make sure that you are reaching all of your educational goals while setting a good example for your family.

5 Reasons to Encourage Your Kids to Go into Medicine

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Guest Blogger, Lizzie Weakley

Speaking with your children about their future career plans is wise, especially when they have expressed a level of uncertainty or curiosity. While you want your children to pursue their own path, you can at least consider talking to them about the benefits of a career in medicine.

Multiple Options
When your kids hear the phrase “career in medicine,” they may immediately picture their pediatrician and decide that’s not the job for them. Explain to them, however, that the options are manifold. For example, they could pursue an online bachelors of science in nursing, or they could take courses to become a physical therapist. Others will want to perform surgery, and still others may choose to study dentistry.

Monetary Benefits
While financial gain should not reign supreme in career decisions, it does have a role. Even if your children need to take out loans for medical school, for example, they will likely have the opportunity to pay them back shortly after procuring a job. The medical field is one that tends to pay well, especially for those who have the highest degrees in their field.

Security and Stability
Another benefit is the fact that the medical field is unlikely to vanish. As long as human beings exist, they will always need people with a profound understanding of the human body to care for them. Also, as new treatments and fields are developed, the medical domain will require more specialists in these areas. If your children perform well in their jobs, they may find that they have lifelong positions early on in their careers.

Schools for the Discipline
Students who are interested in medicine can also attend schools that are known specifically for their programs in those fields. For example, many institutions have laudable nursing programs, and students who attend these schools can procure excellent practical experience as well as textbook knowledge. Students can decide to attend medical school, dental school or veterinarian school to pursue their specific field of interest as well.

Learning Opportunity

Also, encourage your children to consider how this field of study can help them to better themselves. Instead of focusing only on the job, they can focus on themselves. When they enter into the medical field, they will gain powerful knowledge about their own bodies. Furthermore, they get the chance to explore new disciplines that they might not even have ever heard of before.

Encouraging your children to attend medical school offers an array of possibilities, and it can help them to develop a greater sense of identity.

Fuel Added to My Fire


Sometimes all you need is a few people to push you in the right direction to take off and follow your dreams.

I have been in the beginning stages of creating a child life private practice in my community of Long Island, New York. There is a very large gap in service with helping children and families cope with difficulties in their lives. Think about children living with a chronic illness and the impact it has on their entire family or when a parent has a diagnosis and facing treatment. We need to better support these families and I want to help fill that void.

I finally feel a sense of readiness to put more energy into pushing full force with private practice.

So here I go.

To my igniters,

Thank you for believing in my abilities and encouraging me to set and reach new goals in my professional life. I truly appreciate your support.

Stay tuned for this new experience.