Exploring Oobleck – Sensory Play

Many children love to explore different textures and stimulate their senses. I know that there are many kids who go through a stage of freaking out at the thought of getting paint on their hands or even worse, glue. But most kids ease through this stage and eventually explore sensory play.

Children with special needs may have heightened or decreased sensitivity to different textures. Sensory play may be a wonderful option for them but there are some things that can be overstimulating for them and it isn’t enjoyable. This is also a wonderful intervention for children in the hospital. I did this several times with patients and they responded very well to it.


I introduced Oobleck, which is just cornstarch and water to my boys and two of their buddies; ages 4, 21 months, 10 months.

They were so excited in the beginning of this activity, banging on the table and screaming.

As soon as Joey (21month old) placed the corn starch in the bowl, my son (the arm IMG_0450grabbing the bin) pulled the bin and some of the corn starch fell on top of the table. That’s when we lost Joey. Maybe it was the mess on the table or maybe he was upset that his part didn’t make it in. Whatever the reason, he was upset and wanted no part in this activity. Entering the terrible twos, duh, duh, duh!

Gavin and Tommy, dumped in the water and IMG_0455began to explore the oobleck. They became very engaged and excited. Soon they were adding more water and cornstarch to the bin and their tiny voices became louder, that’s when we lost Blake. An overtired baby had enough and just wanted his crib and a binky.

Of course when you ask the boys what it feels like their answer is a typical one of four year olds, diarrhea and poo poo. Proud moment in motherhood.

The Truth Behind a Disney Vacation


Walt Disney World is supposed to be the most magical place on earth for kids, adults and families. If you have ever planned a vacation to one of their parks then you know the excitement you get when planning for the trip. Making dinning reservations with the characters, choosing where to stay, scheduling your park days with parades, rides and meet and greets. But most of all you are envisioning your family making memories and hopefully capturing a few with the camera.

We recently took a family vacation there with our two young boys and my sister-in-law. There were of course the highlights but there was an equal amount of well…….I’ll let the pictures tell that part of the trip.


The Runaway Toddler


The Scary Characters


The Toddler Still Traumatized From Tiger


The Freestyle Breakdancer During A Parade


The Zoned Out, OverStimulated 4yo


The Child Forced On Thunder Mountain Railroad


The Toddler Who Kept Losing “Stuffy”

who is having more fun?

The Adults Having More Fun At The Dance Party Than The Kids


The Dad Still Wearing His Mouse Ears


The Mother Determined to Get That Perfect Family Shot


The 4yo Over It


The Mother Putting Him in Line With a Love Tap


The Mother Not Giving Up


Oh, Screw It! “Kids look at Those Ducks!”

Aww, What a wonderful Picture!