Digging Deep Webinar: Helping Kids and Teens Grieve

We had a great turnout at the live Digging Deep webinar in March. If you missed it, then no worries we recorded the session for you!

Check out the link below to learn some therapeutic tools and resources when working with kids coping with grief and loss.

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Restoring Resilience in Teens: Shadow’s Edge


Restoring Resilience in Teens: Spotlight on Shadow’s Edge

Restoring Resilience in Teens Spotlight on Shadow's Edge

Guest Blogger, Garth Sundem from Digging Deep


Shadow’s Edge is the first FREE game designed to build resilience in teens with serious health conditions. In the game, teens 13+ are transported to the city of Shadow’s Edge where they have an opportunity to revive a city left dark and disrupted by a storm. It’s the players’ quest to find and write on journal pages and to express themselves by making graffiti. Through their self-expression, players bring vibrancy back to the city. Along the way, they have help — the Guardians of Disruption, Disillusionment and Discovery, who send players on missions to look inside themselves for answers to tough questions and discover wisdoms hidden in the city. As players heal the city, they heal themselves. And through in-game community, players can share their words and art with others, building camaraderie and understanding that they are not alone in their struggles. Reviving the city alone, teens can explore the issues surrounding their illness. Together, they can spread what they learn. At the end, they can look back to see how truly far they have come. That is Shadow’s Edge.

Learn more about the game at Digging Deep and Shadow’s Edge sites!

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Empowering Adolescents Through Journaling: Spotlight on Digging Deep 

Empowering Adolescents through Journaling: Spotlight on Digging Deep

Navigating through your tween and adolescent years is already difficult, now imagine also coping with a medical condition. It can be a recipe for disaster. Child life specialists work closely with this age group to normalize their experience and help teens feel empowered.
I’m excited to feature an amazing tool that every specialist should use with their patients, Digging Deep: A Journal for Young People Facing Health Challenges, by Rose Offner and Sheri Brisson.
Digging Deep Journal Collage
Digging Deep is a writing journal with guided prompts for older kids and teens facing serious and chronic illnesses or disabilities. Beautifully designed pages inspire children ages 10-18 to explore difficult issues more easily and to express their feelings through writing. Digging Deep serves as a tool for improved communication between patients, their families, and professional caregivers, often giving them a sense of hope and building their resilience to adversity.
Digging Deep

To request a complimentary copy for a child, a review copy for a hospital or nonprofit organization, or to place an order, go to Digging Deep’s Order Page. They are a nonprofit publisher, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Silicon Valley Community Foundation, offering scholarship books where needed, and gratefully accept donations in order to provide more books to those who need them.

Digging Deep is also available in Spanish:  Explorando Hondo—Un diario personal para niños y adolescentes que enfrentan desafios de salud.

For more information, go to their website at Diggingdeep.org or call 1-800-488-3202. Be sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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