Helping Kids and Teens Through Transitions: Free Digging Deep Webinar

Periods of transition during the back-to-school season can sometimes be a little daunting for teens (and for us adults, too!). Those can be anything from starting a new school year, moving up to a new school building when transitioning to high school, or moving to a new school district. Or, for recent high school graduates, starting a new year in college and beginning a whole new phase in life.

Here is a little reminder to check in with the child in your life and ask what they are feeling this back-to-school season. How are they feeling about the start of a new school year? Are they having feelings of excitement, anxiety, or maybe both? What can we adults do to help make this the best time it can be?

Join us for a free webinar focused on supporting kids through life transitions. Learn how to promote flexible thinking and a growth mindset so that they can feel confident in their ability to deal with whatever life throws at them.

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2020, Year in Review

Happy New Year! What a crazy ride 2020 has been. I want to thank you all for continuing to inspire me to be a better mother, child life specialist, and human. At the beginning of the year, I was just getting some groundwork for child life collaboration within my community. Everything was halted with the pandemic. I quickly pivoted with the changes and was able to insert my services through telehealth and in-person sessions.

Thank you to community organizations that allowed me to connect with your families and provide caregiver workshops.

Thank you to the families that allowed me to work with your children in-person and through telehealth.

Thank you to the child life academic programs for the opportunity to connect with students.

Thank you to my amazing colleagues for continuing to push me in creative ways.

Thank you to my guest bloggers, authors, and program leaders for sharing your amazing resources.

Thank you to my friends for keeping me grounded and reminding me that I am a good mom.

Thank you to my family for always loving and supporting me.

Thank you, 2020 for allowing me to grow.

Cheers to a new year filled with hope, health, and happiness.

Feelings are Flags: Spotlight and Giveaway

This past year has been incredibly challenging. We have all been dealing with grief over the loss of normalcy, routines, social interactions, and family traditions. Some may have also experienced the loss of a loved one during the pandemic. Children have been trying to navigate this new normal with uncertainties and constant change. One way to help children cope is to name and validate their emotions. They need to feel understood and have an outlet to express themselves.

I often incorporate books when working with children. Staying within the metaphor, children feel validated and can learn valuable coping skills. I’m excited to share a new children’s book with you today, Feelings are Flags. It is a lovely children’s book that is written by a local author in my community.

Guest Blogger, Abigail Morales author of Feelings Are Flags

“Sometimes life is full of big feelings. They swell up in our chests and take over our dealings.” This is a sensation every person knows. Big or small, young or old, everyone has feelings. But why do we have them? What are they for? And most importantly, how do we make the big, bossy ones move along? These are great questions! Emotional management is an important skill for everyone to learn. Feelings Are Flags was written to help enable young children to identify why they have feelings and how to use them in a productive way.

It is the first in a series written for my own children. The current social and emotional climate has left them struggling, making it important that I speak in a more purposeful way so as to direct the conversation specifically towards habits and approaches that might alleviate the burden. Somewhere along the way, they evolved into picture books aimed at 4 – 8-year-olds. Through the lessons and coping mechanisms depicted within the series, I hope to encourage healthy emotional development so that children might grow to enjoy bright futures.

Purchase your copy today and be sure to follow on Instagram and Facebook.

Author Bio
Abigail Morales is a new independently published author primarily focused on children’s development, living in California with her husband and their three children.

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