Empower Kids Through Art with Heart: Spotlight and Giveaway



Art with Heart is on a mission to help children overcome trauma through creative expression. Our five therapeutic activity books for children, wraparound curricula, and trainings allow us to reach the greatest possible reach by using the “train the trainer” model.

Our books, including Draw It Out, Ink About It, Magnificent Marvelous Me!, and Chill & Spill, help children process complicated feelings while identifying their support systems and building a vocabulary that supports their emotions. The books are research-based, integrating narrative, cognitive behavioral, and art therapy with social and emotional learning strategies.

Art with Heart Collage.jpgAnd while we’re proud of the research and therapeutic background that’s gone into all the work we do, the best part is that all of this is opaque to children. They enjoy working through the pages, thinking about their own experiences, and considering the many and varied options for their futures. For many children, the book becomes a record of growth and transformation.

If you’d like to know more about Art with Heart, please email info@artwithheart.org or visit us on the web or through social media, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube. We’re available for training and consulting, and we’d love to hear from you!

To help spread the awareness of this amazing organization, we will be giving away a FREE copy of one of their books.


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Resources to Help Kids Cope with Trauma Associated to Terrorism

Resources to Help Kids Cope With Trauma Associated to Terrorism

The moment I heard about the terrorist attacks in Paris, I knew that once again children were being exposed to trauma. Adults will be glued to televisions, tablets and smart phones to get the latest updates of this horrific event. They will have conversations with other adults on the soccer field, coffee shops and over the phone. Our security and safety has once again been jeopardize and we begin to think, what if it happens here?

We may not even realize that watching the news coverage or talking to others about it, that we are exposing kids to trauma, fear and anxiety. I think that it is important to have conversations with children about what is happening in the world, but to do so in appropriate doses and using language that they will be able to understand. You also want to reassure them of their safety, validate their feelings and give them opportunities to process these events in various modalities.


Here are some great articles to help ease the fear associated to trauma and terrorism:

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Understanding Child Traumatic Stress

Terrorism: National Child Traumatic Stress Network

Talking to Kids About Tragic News Stories

My deepest condolences to the victims and their families in France. My heart is heavy and I will be sending love and prayers your way.