Feeling Inspired to Make a Change


As I boarded the plane to Cincinnati for the annual Child Life Council Conference, my gut was filled with an overload of excitement and anxiety. The butterflies in my stomach wouldn’t settle down as I looked over my notes in preparation for the presentation the following day. I had to put it all away and do mindless things, like clean my desktop for the 90 minute flight. It was also a bit odd for me to fly without kids. I wasn’t wiping down hands, pulling out snacks and offering a lollipop for take off and decent. I was traveling alone for the first time in 5 years and my destination would be work related.

I think subconsciously I was coping with a pivotal time in my life. I had been laying the groundwork for building a private practice in my community, but I knew that when I returned from conference that I would push full force.

This was the first CLC conference that I have ever attended and I had specific goals. I wanted to network, share resources, feel inspired and learn from my colleagues. I wanted to attend the town hall meeting with the board and council members and listen to the changes that need to take place for our profession to grow. I wanted to shake the leader’s hands, echo the concerns for myself and colleagues and strategize on making a difference.

These goals were checked off one at a time.


The conference was simply amazing. The presenters did an outstanding job, the exhibitors had great resources to share and I was delighted to meet so many fans and followers of the blog. It was such a bizarre experience to hear that people knew who I was because of the creation of Child Life Mommy. It was faltering and also a “ah-ha” moment for me. I can see how powerful the use of child life skills can make on others both in and outside of a clinical setting. It just fueled my fire to push forward to the next level of work experience, serving the community in private practice and co-teaching an online graduate child life course at Bank Street College.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement. I am truly inspired and grateful. 🙂


What did you think about conference? What inspired you? Will you be joining me in Orlando next year?




“That’s Child Life” New Promo Video

thats child life

Have you seen the new ACLP promo video about child life? Sometimes it can be tough to describe our profession because we provide so many services. This video sums it up in 5 minutes explaining the powerful impact that child life services have on pediatric patients and their families.

I am beyond proud of my dear friend, Deb Vilas a Bank Street College Child Life Faculty/Advisor and strong advocate for play. She consulted in the creation of this film, along with Teresa Schoell, CCLS at Rochester General Hospital, Shriene Urry, the Manager of Communications at the ACLP and other outstanding team members.

Job well done, in my eyes they should win an Oscar.

Check it out and share away!