Indoor Snow Painting


Stuck indoors for the majority of this winter, (thank you polar vortex) has made us go a little stir crazy. I recently saw a post about someone painting site words on snow as an educational and fun activity. Hmm, how could I put my child life/parenting twist on this…..

Yes, bring the snow inside and let the kids paint with syringes and brushes. Let the fun begin!






DSC_0157This is something that you could do with your kids at home or in a daycare setting. It would also be a fun activity for kids on isolation or in the playroom as well.

Syringe Painting

Syringe Play




Have you ever heard of Insta-Snow? It’s this bizarre powder that when mixed with water it turns into this snow like substance. It’s wet, cool and can be manipulated.

I first heard of it this week at my toddler’s environmental class. They had a large tub of Insta-Snow and placed miniature arctic animals in to let the kids play. It is a great sensory activity for kids.

photo 1

I can see child life specialists and teachers planning an indoor snow day with this fun project.

photo 2