Setting a Limit – Batman Style

Setting limits with kids can be tough, whether they are our own children or we are working with them.

Child life specialists, teachers and coaches have to find that fine line between being the “cool, fun adult” and staying respected as a leader and role model.

As parents we can sound nagging or strict. We also can have a shorter fuse from the everyday dilemmas with our kids and snap; which usually results in yelling, crying and time outs.

Kids are more willing to listen and follow instructions if it is presented in a fun and creative way. We have all sang that cleanup song, had a race on who can get dressed first and used puppets to talk to small children. But have you ever tried pretending you were someone else in teaching a lesson or setting a limit?

I came across this video created by Bat Dad. It is hysterical and very clever.

How can you stay creative with setting limits with kids?

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