If Grandma Were Here: Spotlight and Giveaway

I’m thrilled to introduce a new children’s book about grief and loss. If Grandma Were Here is a beautifully written book that helps young children feel validated with the loss of a loved one. The illustrations and theme of the story can help children find ways to continue to honor their loved ones after a loss.

Guest Blogger, Amber Bradbury author of If Grandma Were Here

If Grandma were here, what would you do together? Would you sing a song? Go on an amazing adventure? Or give each other a giant hug? Enjoy this treasure chest of memories filled with real, diverse characters! This is a perfect way for families who miss their grandma to remember her kindness and love.

Recommended for ages 3–7.

The Inspiration behind the book

Amber Bradbury was inspired to write “If Grandma Were Here,” by two very separate emotions… joy and sorrow. Joy in experiencing the loving relationships she had with her mother, great-grandmother, paternal and maternal grandmothers growing up in a very tight-knit family. And sorrow, due to two tragic losses. That of her own mother—from a random act of violence—and of her paternal grandmother in a car accident—that deprived her kids of all the experiences Amber wished they all could have had together if both were still alive today.

Realizing that such feelings of loss must be universal, Amber wanted to create a way for all children—especially those from diverse backgrounds and mixed families—to connect with the loving grandmothers and great-grandmothers who might have passed from this life, but could still be a part of theirs.

Knowing all too well how important it is to express emotions—especially those of grief—even with very young children, Amber strongly feels that books like hers can be truly cathartic for young readers and adults alike. Together they can relate to and experience how the sadness of loss can be uplifted by the happiness of knowing their loved ones are still very much with them, in their own hearts and minds, to share every new adventure as they grow up.

Where to Purchase

If Grandma Were Here is available at Amazon, Barnes, and Noble, and at Ifgrandmawerehere.com.

Author Bio:

Amber now juggles life as a writer in upstate New York with being a wife, mom, and caregiver to her father-in-law in a lively, multi-generational household that leaves little time for her other passion—photography—but does provide much inspiration for her newest book, “If Grandpa Were Here,” now in the works. She hopes everyone who has ever loved—and been loved—by a doting grandparent and great-grandparent will want to include both books in their personal libraries as a source of comfort, inspiration, and joy.

We will be giving away a copy of If Grandma Were Here and a handmade tote bag to one lucky winner.

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Supporting the Sandwich Generation: Helping Families Cope with Grief & Loss

Across the nation, approximately 11 million “Sandwich Generation” caregivers simultaneously attend to the needs of their children and an aging loved one while balancing a career, household, and their own health.

Del Oro Caregiver Resource Center has teamed up with Shani Thornton, Certified Child Life Specialist to facilitate a series of FREE virtual workshops. They will address how loss and grief uniquely affect Sandwich Generation caregivers and their families. In these three sessions, learn more about the nuances of grief, understand how death and loss impact children of different developmental stages and develop skills for fostering healthier familial relationships and coping mechanisms. The series is designed to equip Sandwich Generation caregivers with tools to:

• Identify different types of grief and the nonlinear process
• Reflect on and appreciate that individual members in a family will respond differently
• Model healthy coping skills for children
• Communicate more effectively to encourage stronger family solidarity

Click Here to Register 

Session 1: May 11th 7:30pmPST:

Grief Overview: Different types of grief Sandwich Generation caregivers might encounter

Session 2: May 18th 7:30pmPST:

Family dynamics: How grief manifests at different developmental stages

Session 3: May 25th 7:30pmPST:

Coping with Grief Emotions

Helping Teens Cope with Grief: Spotlight and Giveaway of “If Only”

Guest Blogger, Carole Geithner, author of If Only 

Author and clinical social worker Carole Geithner has recently re-released her coming-of-age novel, If Only, shining a realistic light on navigating grief in adolescents. Moving and sometimes humorous, If Only tells the story of 13-year-old Corinna’s first year struggling with the aching loss of her mother to cancer while having to navigate the more typical coming-of-age dilemmas, with all their awkward intensity.

Sadly, the COVID-19 pandemic has elevated grief to a new level of consciousness in our homes and schools. If Only takes place before COVID-19, but its relevance to bringing grief out of the shadows in homes, schools, neighborhoods, and extended families is especially important for readers today.

“While we all experience grief differently, it is my hope that through Corinna’s story, those who are supporting a loved one may develop new understandings. And for those experiencing grief themselves, it is my hope that they find solace and a new friend in Corinna on their journey,” said Carole.

Excerpt from the book

It’s confusing how I want people to acknowledge my mom’s death, but I don’t want to have to talk about it if I’m not in the right mood or place, which is a lot of the time. I think that my father would call that an oxymoron or a conundrum or some other fancy teacher word. Someone should invent a signaling system for awkward but important topics. Green for “It’s a good time,” and red for “It’s not a good time; try again later.” Maybe that’s how I’ll make my million bucks.

About the Author

The emotional power of If Only is informed by Carole’s more than twenty years of experience as a clinical social worker, working with scores of children who have had a parent die, as well as adults whose childhoods were shaped by parent loss. In addition to her clinical practice, Carole leads Writing to Heal workshops for non-profit service organizations. She previously served as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at George Washington University School of Medicine.

For more information on the book and links to purchase, please visit: Carolegeithner.com. Also, be sure to follow If Only on Facebook!

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