Organizations & Nonprofits

Child Life Profession

Association of Child Life Professionals– The board and certifying committee for child life specialists. Gather Information on the profession, how to become a specialist, and additional resources for parents and caregivers.

Bank Street College of Education– Online Graduate Program in Child Life for new students and current Certified Child Life Specialists. They also have amazing workshops, speakers, and opportunities for professional development

Centre for Pediatric Pain Research– Conducts high-quality research on how to better understand, assess, and manage children’s pain and translating this research into improved practice.

Child Life Coffee – Helping families and health care providers one sip at a time.

Child Life Cooperative– Helping to advance the profession of child lief through reflection, support, and equipping students.

Child Life Disaster Relief– This nonprofit is training child life specialists and students to work with communities that have experienced a natural or man-made disaster.

Child Life on Call– A podcast for parents of children with an illness or medical condition.

Child Life Technology– Supports the application of technology to child life specialists.

Child Life United – Offering volunteer and practicum opportunities for child life students.

Expressive Coping-Reflective supervision provided by Korie Leigh, Ph.D., CCLS, CT, FMCHC.

Kids Health Great site for medical information broken down into three categories; parents, teens, and kids.

Medline Plus– Great source for looking up reliable information on medical needs.

One VOICE 4 Kids– Training program for medical providers on supportive tools during medical procedures.

Rabbit Ray– Pediatric medical play teaching tool.

SpellBound– Improves pediatric patient’s healthcare experiences through augmented reality.

The Convenient Classroom– Online courses in preparation for the child life exam and webinars for continuing education.

The DiscoveryRethink Breast Cancer has collaborated with a child life specialist to create animation videos to teach kids about their mother’s diagnosis, treatment, and living with breast cancer.

Upedia – This is an online peer-reviewed psychosocial resource library developed for child life specialists and those affiliated with child life, to share knowledge and practices that best support and enhance a child’s ability to cope with health care experiences.

Vilas Playroom Assessment Rubric VIPAR– Online assessment tool for your playroom, to measure if it is meeting the needs of all pediatric patients and families.

Walli-Kids Activity Posters– Wall and lap posters to help kids stay active and distracted while in a clinical setting.

Organizations Supporting Children and Families

A Moment of Magic -Provides medically vulnerable children with creative programming, outlets, and support to foster imagination, friendship, and hope through our college-student volunteers.

All in to Win Foundation- Supporting children with life-threatening illnesses and childhood cancer.

Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels– Their mission is to bring dignity and comfort to the harsh reality of childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

Andrew’s Laughing Gas – is dedicated to bringing much-needed laughter to hospitalized pediatric patients.

Art with Heart – Is a nonprofit organization that helps children overcome trauma through creative expression.

ArtWorks The Naomi Cohain Foundation– Providing creative art programs to children and families facing chronic and life-threatening illnesses. Based on the New York and New Jersey area.

B+ Foundation –  Mission has four areas of focus: financial assistance, cancer research, awareness, and positivity.

Beanie Love Foundation – They bring hope to children and teens fighting life-altering diseases through Hope Packs, prayer, and friendship.

BumbleBee Foundation – is to inspire hope and faith by providing support to the overall well-being of pediatric cancer families.

Buzzy HelpsPain Care Labs makes revolutionary science-backed therapies using the body’s physiology to stop pain cold.

Breanna’s Gift – Mission is bringing smiles to the faces of children with cancer and other serious illnesses through the magic of the arts.

B.I.G. Love Cancer Care – Core mission is to meet the most basic and urgent physical, emotional, and financial needs of pediatric oncology and hematology patients and their families.

Brave Gowns – Hospital gowns to bring comfort and fun when patients have to get something scary done.

Cape Ivy – Provides warmth, comfort, and support to children who have chronic or critical illnesses and their families.

Camp One Step – Provides free programs serving kids with cancer and their families, bringing them happiness, joy, connection, and support.

Camp Sunshine– A retreat for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families.

Cancer Free Kids -Mission is to eradicate cancer as a life-threatening disease in children by funding promising research that might otherwise go unfunded.

Case for SmilesTheir mission is to help children and their families cope with the stresses of life-changing childhood illnesses and injuries.

Cellie Coping Kit– Provides children with chronic illness with valuable resources and activities.

Centre For Pediatric Pain Research– Provides information to healthcare providers and parents on pediatric pain management.

Chemo Duck– Supporting children coping with cancer.

Child Life Wish– They help fund child life programs and bring awareness to the field.

Childhood Matters – Supporting and nurturing early childhood through coping tool boxes.

Children’s Cancer Association– Providing free programs of music, friendship, nature to children and families.

Children’s Wish Foundation International– Nonprofit wish-granting organization.

Cool Cast Company – Cast critters and arm cast protectors.

Courageous Parent Network  – is a non-profit organization and educational platform that orients empowers and accompanies families and providers caring for children with serious illnesses.

Dancing While Cancering– Providing comfort and support to children coping with cancer.

Dec My Room – Creating a healthy place for hospitalized pediatric and young adult patients.

Digging Deep– They provide an expressive outlet, called Shadow’s Edge for adolescents and young adults coping with illness.

Docyourstory– Production company specializing in personalized documentary films that capture life stories.

Food Allergy Life– Parent advocate and blogger about food allergy awareness

Free Arm Care – Tube feeding assistant

Friends of Karen -Provide emotional, financial, and advocacy support for children with a life-threatening illness and their families in order to help keep them stable, functioning, and able to cope.

Hannahtopia – helping make life a little easier, a little brighter, a little happier for those living with epilepsy.

Health Care Toolbox– Guide to helping children and families cope with illness and injury.

Holiday Heroes– Provides parties and events to pediatric patients in the hospital.

Inheritance of Hope– Supporting young families facing the loss of a parent.

Keaton’s Childhood Cancer Alliance– Providing financial, educational, and emotional support to families impacted by cancer.

KICKcancER Movement – We educate and empower families on nutrition and natural wellness to complement during and after cancer treatment.

Kids & Art Foundation– Supporting pediatric cancer patients through art.

Layla’s Legacy– Funding innovative pediatric brain cancer research while bringing hope and help to families impacted by the disease

Little Legacies– Provides one-on-one mentoring in writing for pediatric patients and families faced with serious and life-altering medical conditions

Little Wishes – Grants the immediate and ongoing wishes of chronically and critically ill, hospitalized children.

Living with Courage and Joy – It was created to share inspiring, encouraging, and empowering items with people who want to surround themselves or their loved ones with positivity.

Luke’s FastBreaks– Provides hospital t-shirts with port access to pediatric patients free of charge

Luminous Minds– Affordable early literacy tools that will ignite your child’s enthusiasm for learning.

Magic Yarn Project -Crafting character wigs for children with medical hair loss. Our mission is to bring magic into the lives of children battling cancer.

Make a Wish Foundation– Giving wishes to children with a life-threatening illness

Making Cancer Fun –  A go-to resource for families facing childhood cancer

Medi Teddy – Providing comfort to pediatric I.V and external feeding patients

NEGU Jessie Rees Foundation – Providing JoyJars to children coping with cancer.

One VOICE 4 Kids– Training program for medical providers on supportive tools during medical procedures.

Pierre’s Birthday Fund -Help hospitalized children with life-threatening conditions enjoy every moment by adding fun, comfort, and creativity to their routine.

Playtime Edventures-Hospitalized kids/teens Playtime Bed Sheets, Slumber Bags, and Pillowcases are just what the doctor ordered for kids everywhere.

Project Sunshine– Nonprofit organization that provides free educational, recreational, and social programs to children and families living with medical challenges.

Red Shamrock Foundation -Mission is to raise awareness of the unique health care needs of childhood cancer survivors, and to support survivorship programs and research.

Sara’s Smiles Foundation– Nonprofit organization that provides resources for children and families battling and surviving cancer.

Smileyscope – VR system to improve needle experiences

Songs of Love Foundation– Nonprofit organization that creates personalized songs, free of charge for children and adolescents coping with medical, physical, and emotional challenges.

Spirituality for Kids International – Nonprofit organization serving children, parents, and professionals around the world. 

Standish Foundation for Children– This nonprofit is helping to transform the healthcare experience for children and families through education, advocacy, service, and financial support.

Starlight Children’s Foundation– An amazing program creating moments of joy for hospitalized kids.

Supporting Children with Healthcare Needs in School– Sample of an Individual Healthcare Plan

Taylor’s Tale– Supporting families coping with Batten disease and other rare illnesses.

The Butterfly Fund – Supporting research, treatment, and services dedicated to the defeat of childhood cancers.

The Chronic Pod – Podcast that empowers others coping with chronic illness.

The Crayon Initiative – We send free crayons to over 240 children’s hospitals across the United States.

The Discovery-Rethink Breast Cancer has collaborated with a child life specialist to create animation videos to teach kids about their mother’s diagnosis, treatment, and living with breast cancer.

The Dragonfly Foundation -They support patients and families impacted by pediatric cancer at a time when they need it most.

The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp– This organization provides summer camps and programs to families coping with health challenges.

Team IMPACT– A nonprofit organization connecting children with a life-threatening illness with a college athletic team. The kids become part of the team, attending practices, games, and team meetings.

The Jared Box Project– They work with schools, girl scouts, and team organizations to create shoebox-sized containers filled with toys to be delivered to children in hospitals throughout the country.

The Magic Yarn Project – Creates children’s wigs made of yarn free of charge.

University of Iowa Dance Marathon – Creates and sustains special projects to provide emotional and financial support and services for pediatric oncology and bone marrow transplant patients and their families treated at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital. 

Unravel Pediatric Cancer – Funds innovative childhood cancer research.

Upedia – This is an online peer-reviewed psychosocial resource library developed for child life specialists and those affiliated with child life, to share knowledge and practices that best support and enhance a child’s ability to cope with health care experiences.

Warrior Wagons Inc -Their mission is to give newly diagnosed pediatric cancer families a similar collapsible wagon filled with practical and comfort items as they begin their cancer journeys.

We Are Brave Together – A supportive community for parents of children with special needs.

Wish Upon A Teen– They provide programs and comfort to adolescents coping with medical challenges.

Wonderfully Made Kids Co. – Fun educational kits for families.

Words Worth Repeating -Collaborates with families and organizations to develop custom books for children. Our books can help children process medical issues, understand life-changing events, and remember loved ones.

V.I.P. Hospital Productions– An amazing organization that makes customized books and movies for children and teens in the hospital.

Grief, Loss and Bereavement Support

Charlie’s Guys – is a nonprofit for children 18 years and younger across the United States who have lost a sibling or parent.

For Moms Only– Grieving mothers supporting one another through hope and love.

Friends For Survival– Offering help after a suicide death.

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep– Nonprofit organization that provides families with a gift of professional remembrance photographs of the loss of a baby.

Regali Jewelry– Custom jewelry made from the fingerprints of the special people in your life.

Salt Water– An online community that provides comfort, support, and tools for those coping with a loss.

The Center for H.O.P.E. – Cohen’s Children’s Medical Center of Ne York offers amazing bereavement services to children and families.

The Dougy Center– National organization offering resources for families and children dealing with grief.

Together We Heal Community – Nonprofit supporting families coping with grief

What’s Your Grief?– Information about grief, support for caregivers and professionals.