Community Collaboration

Decrease Your Child’s Fears From the Doctor

This is an informative presentation that can help any parent, caregiver or medical team member with positive coping strategies for a child’s medical exam. Covering topics on developmentally appropriate ways for preparation, medical play, therapeutic positions, advocacy, as well as coping and distraction techniques. This can be done as a parent and child workshop, with an opportunity for hands on activities or designed for adults only, tailoring to a specific age group and/or medical procedure.

Parenting Through Play

Children learn about themselves and process their world through play. Learn how to connect with children at a deeper emotional level through the technique of child-centered play. During a child-centered play session, children are able to build self-confidence, resolve inner-conflict, identify feelings, problem solve, have the freedom to express themselves and build a trusting relationship with the adult/parent having the session with them.

This can be in a single presentation or over a series, giving parents and professionals the opportunity to try it out and gain feedback to strengthen their skills.

Workshops for Children

Teddy Bear Clinic

This is a great way to teach children about what occurs during a healthcare exam, using medical play. Kids will be given the opportunity to use real and pretend medical materials to familiarize themselves, work through past experiences and clear up misconceptions. This can be given at a preschool, daycare, scouts, church or other children’s programs.


Children will have the opportunity to explore their feelings in a safe environment and  express them using creative arts. Discussions are encouraged to help children problem solve and discover healthy ways to cope and be heard. This is something that can be done individually or in a group setting.

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