Make the Waiting Game Fun with Dr. Scribbles: Spotlight and Giveaway

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Guest Blogger: Jacqueline DiChiara

Dr. Scribbles® is an innovative new product that puts children at ease during a stressful doctor’s visit, by transforming boring white exam bench paper into a PLAYFUL and MEANINGFUL educational experience. Dr. Scribbles allows kids to learn and express their creative side with a smile and a crayon.

Dr. Scribbles paper was invented by Angela Malone, a creative Cincinnati mom who wanted to keep her daughters well behaved and occupied during uneasy doctors’ visits. Angela’s idea helped her daughters remain calm while getting a painful shot or undergoing a medical procedure by being happily distracted, completing puzzles and drawing activities right on the exam paper they were sitting on.

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Here are just a few awesome Dr. Scribbles features:

  • QR codes let you take the Dr. Scribbles experience anywhere.
  • Our free educational, interactive app lets your child learn more about health and wellness on the go.
  • The average time spent waiting in the exam room is 23 minutes – Dr. Scribbles story-telling characters can help make this time go by faster.
  • Packs of no-mess and sanitary washable crayons are given to each patient to take home when they leave the doctor’s office.


Both children and parents can scribble away with Dr. Scribbles – all while learning a thing or two about health and wellness. Our inspiring and interactive virtual characters — including Faith, Hope, Charity, Mateo, Michael, and Charlie — offer health tips, and impart maxims that touch on the importance of emotional and psychological health. After all, says our character Charity, “The more you give, the better you feel.”


 Click here to meet Faith, one of our most popular Dr. Scribbles characters!

Health providers across the country are already using Dr. Scribbles exam paper with positive results. Dr. David Hill, Associate Medical Director of KidzCare Pediatrics and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the UNC School of Medicine, and Chair of the AAP Council on Communications and Media, was one of the first adopters of Dr. Scribbles paper.

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Dr. Scribbles helps:

  • Reduce patient anxiety
  • Improve the patient experience
  • Promote parent-child interaction

“Too often I open an exam room door to find both parent and child poking at the screens of their smart phones. Sometimes the child is mesmerized by a cartoon on a tablet computer while the parent stares out the window. These scenes always sadden me,” says Dr. Hill. “Since we started using Dr. Scribbles, I’ve had one occasion after another to smile. I walk in to find a child and her parent coloring, drawing, and making up stories together, and I have an automatic conversation starter when I ask about what they’ve been doing. Dr. Scribbles is the best catalyst of joint attention I’ve ever encountered.”

‘I cannot wait to see how users choose to unlock this product’s potential,” stresses Dr. Hill. “Regardless of the next step for Dr. Scribbles, I am confident of one thing: people will be paying attention.”

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