Child Life Uniting for All Children

With the election over and emotions running high with celebration or shock, remember that our youth are also affected. Be sure to model good behavior, have an open dialogue and allow kids to feel safe to express their thoughts and feelings about this change.



This morning we woke up to a new normal, which includes a stark awareness about the level of bifurcation in our country. Some folks are celebrating the prospect of change  — some are very afraid about what this change might mean for their future. There is no question that we face an enormous task in figuring out how to work for the common good when many of us have differing views of what that good should look like.

I believe that Child Life Specialists are uniquely poised to address this rift. We reach out  from a strength-based, cooperative front, moving forward from a place of deep inquiry, witnessing and advocacy for those in our care. No matter what our political beliefs, we know the value of the developmental interaction approach. We meet the needs of children and families first by asking what their needs are, then by listening and validating, and then by…

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One response to “Child Life Uniting for All Children

  1. Yes! Exactly my same thoughts. At the beginning of this election I felt so scared and angry inside that trump won then seeing the impact he made on the community (negatively) where the nation has banned together to peacefully riot, there’s was a 5 children shoot and killed. This matter has gotten straight out of hand. I worry deeply for the children out there, whether special needs or not.

    I’m beginning to be interested in the child life field, the organization seems to mirror my company vision. I wish there were more child life specialist.

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