PlayopolisToys® Giveaway

Continuing to celebrate child life month with another giveaway from our friends at PlayopolisToys®. Great opportunity to win a Find It to Go distraction toy that would be a perfect resource for a playroom, treatment room, home or classroom.
find it giveaway
Win PlayopolisToys® Find It to Go Distraction Toy
Choose one or more ways to enter the giveaway:
1. Sign up for email notifications at and leave a comment on this post.
2. Facebook: Follow Child Life Mommy, leave a comment and tag a friend on the post.
3. Facebook: Follow PlayopolisToys and leave a comment about the giveaway.
4.  Twitter: Follow, Like and RT the post to @ChildLifeMommy and @PlayopolisToys
5. Instagram: Follow @ChildLifeMommy, Like and Tag a friend in the post.
Good Luck, winner will be chosen 3/23/16
Find It Winners

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