Free New Child Life Tool for Bettering Hospital Playrooms

Check out this amazing child life resource that will help you to create a welcoming, diverse, culturally sensitive and developmentally appropriate playroom for your pediatric patients and families.
Bravo, Deb Vilas on your hard work and dedication to the child life community!



I am thrilled to announce the release of a new tool for your child life toolkit. It is an assessment form to help you make your playroom the best it can be. There is a dream playroom in all of our imaginations. Time, space, budget constraints and infection control guidelines aside, we all know what we would provide children and families if we were able to do so. The Vilas Playroom Assessment Rubric VIPAR is intended to present the best possible scenario, and to measure how your playroom is meeting the needs of all pediatric patients and families at your hospital. Child life specialists and administrators can use this rubric as a quality checklist to assess playroom design and operation.

This rubric is several years in the making and has been test driven by many Bank Street College alumni. They kindly tried it out in their playrooms and gave…

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