Honoring our lost loved ones on Mother’s Day

Honoring our lost loved ones

Mother’s Day is usually filled with hallmark cards, flowers and family gatherings. We let all the moms know how much we love and appreciate them, but sometimes Mother’s Day can be incredibly difficult. I often think about the mothers who lost a child, including babies from miscarriage and stillbirth. Children, adolescents and adults that have lost a mother or caregiver. This day can stir up deep emotions with a sense of heaviness.

There are some creative ways to help support one another and honor the ones who have died.

  • Planting a tree or flowersiStock_000004601924XSmall
  • Letting a balloon go with a message attached
  • Wearing the loved one’s favorite color
  • Eating at their favorite restaurant or cooking their favorite meal
  • Going to a place that you often went with them
  • Engaging in their favorite activity
  • Creating a memory box and filling it with things that remind you of them
  • Making a stepping stone
  • Writing a letter to them
  • Drawing a picture
  • On a table cloth- have family and friends write stories or draw pictures
  • Playing their favorite music
  • Sharing stories about them

Expressing feelings will help the healing process for both adults and children. Validating their feelings and normalizing them can help them feel safe and provide positive outlets for expression.

Enjoy Mother’s Day with your family and friends and honor the loved ones you have lost.

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