Accessorize Your Tough Little Girl: Giveaway

Do you have a “tough” girl who can play hard and still rock a bow? Then we have the perfect duo giveaway for you!

In spirit of Child Life Month we have teamed up with hey Lucy Jane and Plum Polka Dot to offer a fun giveaway to accessorize your tough little girl.

tough girl giveaway

Winner will receive a $20 store credit at Plum Polka Dot and a choice of one “Tough” or “Brave” t-shirt from hey Lucy Jane.

Choose one or more ways to enter!

1. Like and comment below on something that empowers you.

2. On Facebook: Like Plum Polka Dot and leave a comment about the #ChildLifeGiveaway

3. On Facebook: Like Child Life Mommy and leave a comment on the post

4. On Instagram: Follow @heyLucyJane @PlumPolkaDot & @ChildLifeMommy, Leave a comment on post and tag a friend

5. On Twitter: Follow, Like and RT post to @heyLUCYJANETees and @ChildLifeMommy

Good Luck! Winner will be chosen on 3/20/15

Be sure to check the guest spotlight posts this week on hey Lucy Jane and Plum Polka Dot.

winner tough girl giveaway

28 responses to “Accessorize Your Tough Little Girl: Giveaway

  1. My daughter empowers me. I have become a stronger and braver person than I ever thought I could be, because of her example. She adjusts and handles the challenges she faces with more determination than most adults could. She is one tough cookie!

  2. Running and being a strong mama empowers me and teaches my girls to take care of themselves so they can take care of others.

  3. I’m feel especially empowered when I know I’ve made a difference in the life of a child. Whether it’s helping a pediatric patient through their hospitalization or providing comfort for the children I nanny for, it feels so good to know that I’ve impacted their life, if even just the tiniest bit!

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  5. Knowing I’m going to work every day and dedicating myself to a career of advocating for kiddos – and that my 2-year-old little lady will one day appreciate that – empowers me every day!

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  7. My daughters empower me. They ask to go on bike rides and walks so that we can all get out of the house and they love to go a little bit farther each time. My nearly 3 year old is my daredevil which is teaching me to be brave for her. My 8 year old stepdaughter is like a small adult with some of the challenges she has dealt with. Both my girls continue to amaze and empower me in every way! 🙂

  8. I always leave a yoga class feeling extra empowered, like I can take on the world. All of the pain and sorrow that I have seen on my patient’s go through has meaning and it isn’t sadness and sorrow, but strength and bravery. I love these t-shirts because they say just that!

  9. I feel extra empowered after leaving yoga after a tough day. I get this new energy to deal with all of the pain and loss that my patients and families all deal with. These shirts are great!!

  10. Setting Goals and Accomplishing them empowers me. Even if that goal is to get a load of laundry done or take a shower. 🙂

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