Every Child is a Superhero: Spotlight and Giveaway from Pip and Bean



Don’t we all have great memories of jumping off couches or swing sets with our superhero powers? Maybe we improvised with a blanket tied around our neck while we captured the bad guys and saved the world.

Maybe you relate superheroes with the kids you work with at school, daycare or the hospital. The ones battling real life challenges of stress, illness and loss.

Play is powerful for kids and enhancing with props or an “imagination’s sidekick” makes it that much more magical.

I would like to introduce Pip and Bean that help to create that magic.

pipandbeanlogoPip and Bean is a family owned business run by Alyssa and Brian Wolfe. Alyssa is the creative force behind their product line of personalized superhero capes and Brian is the number cruncher. We began making capes in 2009 after a birthday present to a friend turned into half a dozen orders and then an Etsy shop. Imagination and creativity are at the core of every Pip and Bean product but we don’t just create costumes, we make superheroes.

Click here to check out the amazing capes, costumes and masks.

Follow Pip and Bean on FacebookInstagram and their Etsy Shop.

pipandbeancollage 2

Get a chance to win a Personalized Superhero Cape or two Blank Reversible Capes.


Choose one more ways to enter to win!

1. Like the post and leave a comment below about who’s your superhero

2. On Facebook “Like” Child Life Mommy‘s page and comment on post about who’s your superhero

3. On Facebook “Like” Pip and Bean‘s page and leave a comment about the #ChildLifeGiveaway

4. On Instagram follow @ChildLifeMommy and @pip_and_bean, share the pic and tag us both.

Good Luck! The winner will be announced 3/13/15.

Shipped to U.S. residents only.


8 responses to “Every Child is a Superhero: Spotlight and Giveaway from Pip and Bean

  1. My younger brother is a super hero to me. He just graduated from the fire academy and is training to be an EMT. He is so brave and determined and I couldn’t be a prouder big sister!

  2. My superhero is my Great Uncle Gilbert- he unfortunately passed away a few years ago, but was always so full of life and love. He left school to fight in World War II when he was 18 but went back to college in his 70’s to get his degree! He was an influential member of his community and always worked to better the world. I continue to strive to make him proud.
    Oh, I also really like Spider-Man!

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