it’s o f f i c i a l- The collaboration between Uglibeads and Beads of Courage

Beads of Courage is an amazing program that helps children cope with their medical experiences and hospitalization by marking these milestones of bravery and courage with a bead. Ever wonder who is behind the scenes in designing these beautiful beads? Read about Julie Wong Sontag from Uglibeads on her inspiration and passion to help the children and families. Absolutly beautiful.

Uglibeads - handmade art glass beads by Julie Wong Sontag

It’s MARCH. Whoa. Am I the only one wondering how the heck that happened? I love March because I feel like spring is ‘officially’ just around the corner. The light has been brighter for a while, but the word ‘March’ kind of spells relief.

You know what I was thinking though? Pretty soon it’s going to be SOOOOOOOOO freaking hot in my studio while I’m torching. I don’t know if you remember but I said I would not truly complain about the winter cold, or wish it away, not even once (because it’s so lovely to work without sweat pouring down my face…) and I didn’t. Not once. And it is COLD in the winter in Edmonton. Real cold.

Come spring and summer, all bets are off. There WILL be a lot of howling up in here when the temperature starts to climb.

Today will be my first day back at the torch post-vacation. I’m mostly…

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2 responses to “it’s o f f i c i a l- The collaboration between Uglibeads and Beads of Courage

  1. Wow, thank you so very much, Shani! These special beads have a special place in my heart! Besides making the beads, I also love doing what I can to spread the word in hopes that other folks will join in to support this absolutely incredible program. Since hearing back from many of the BOC families, I am absolutely CERTAIN that it makes a difference. Art heals! ❤ xo

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