Blessing Bracelet


When a loved one dies grief can take over our body and mind with intense pain and sense of loneliness. The loss can bring a ripple effect of struggles, financial stress, single parenting, isolation, along with the overload of emotions of anger, resentment, sadness, guilt and shock.

With the right support from bereavement counseling, children, adolescents and families can find a way to express their emotions, learn strategies to cope and find ways to honor their loved one.

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I have been a volunteer with Center for HOPE for the past 4 years and can’t express how amazing this bereavement program is. The facilitators are compassionate about helping the children and their families grieve and find hope.

The Center is funded through grants and private donations, which makes it very difficult to stay afloat. They need a lot of support to continue their services to the community.

This holiday season they have partnered up with Blessing Bracelets to raise money.

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These are beautiful bracelets and make perfect gifts for friends, family, coworkers and teachers. I purchased two myself and love them.


Each bracelet comes with a tag with this message:

Whenever you wear it acknowledge one blessing in your life for each pearl on the bracelet.   Each time you are drawn to the bracelet, silently find four people or things you can be grateful for.  Be grateful for:  Your children, a flower, your dog, a perfect cup of coffee, a roof over your head – just find something.  The more you wear the bracelet and the more blessings you find, the more you will be blessed.  In one year, if followed, you will be aware of a profound change in your life.

They are made of sterling silver and gemstones.

They are $20.00 and all proceeds go to the Center for HOPE.

If you are interested in purchasing one or would like to donate to the Center, please contact Susan Thomas or myself, Shani Thornton.

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5 responses to “Blessing Bracelet

  1. Hey Shani, if I want to buy a bracelet is there a certain place to get them from to make sure that the proceeds go to the right place?

    • It has to be through the Center for Hope. Susan Thomas is the director and her contact is on the post. Check out the colors from blessing bracelet website and let me know or Susan. I can bring it to class on Thursday Thanks for the support and Happy Thanksgiving Eve.

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