The Adolescent Brain

Emily Murray, from Heal Play Love and I collaborated on a post this week about child life specialists working with adolescents. Here is her developmental piece on The Adolescent Brain.



Meet Shani Thornton, my co-author this week!  

Shani Thornton is a Certified Child Life Specialist and parent of two young children. She provides valuable information to child life specialists, parents and professionals working with kids. She is the author of a children’s book, It’s Time For Your Checkup What To Expect When Going To a Doctor Visit. To learn more about Shani, you can follow her blog at or contact her at

She is also on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram 

We co-wrote pieces on adolescence this week.  After you’ve read all about teens’ cognitive development here, head on over to Child Life Mommy for some practical tips and tricks for working with adolescents!

High school!  Teenage years!  Best years ever, am I right?

If you answered “yes,” I can only assume that you were one of the socially-gifted and confident high-schoolers…

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