10 things to say to encourage a preemie mom

Child Life Specialists can play a powerful role in helping the parents of preemies.



The Crunchy Lady

Hey there, did you know that today, November 17 is World Prematurity Day? This is especially near and dear to my heart since both of my boys made their appearance into this world long before they were due to arrive, three plus months early, in fact! They were amazing though, these tiny, perfectly formed babies who stole my heart at first sight. Though it is rough to have your baby be born prematurely we are also the ones who get the bittersweet gift of seeing the development that normally happens in the womb right in front of our eyes. Watching for the day our 26 week preemie’s eyes opened for the first time (when he was 2 weeks old!) and seeing those tiny eyelashes come in and their hands growing from only covering our finger nails to fully holding our fingers tightly. All of these things I treasured and saw…

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