The Battle with Homework Begins…


It has officially been a whole week of kindergarten, which means that homework was about to start soon.

Gavin has never been one to want to sit down at home and do worksheets, although we tried our best throughout the summer.

When he finished his after school break, it was time to get to business.

The frustration began. Tears, whining, “I can’t do it”, trying to leave the table, I got it all.

We talked a bit and I just asked,  “Why don’t you want to do homework?”

Gavin’s response, “I do work at school and I play at home.”

It made me really sad to hear this. He is already understanding the reality of our education system. He knows what is expected of him at school, work, not play.

Did I mention that he is in kindergarten and he is only 5 years old?

This is supposed to be a time of fun, excitement and creativity. A stepping stone into grade school, filled with laughter, hands on experiments and play!

I’m disappointed. I’m very disappointed.

Let me just add that I don’t blame the teachers. I know their hands are tied. They try to make it a fun and exciting environment, but they are forced to follow the curriculum. Gavin’s school is also not full day, which means that there is less time to cover the material. This causes the teachers to have more pressure to rush the curriculum and obviously no extra time to play or socialize. It stinks.

Anyone else feel this frustration?

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7 responses to “The Battle with Homework Begins…

  1. I guess now I understand why kindergarten is full day. At least they have some down time even though it is a long day. Poor little Gavin! The common core does suck!! In second grade Kullen is marked wrong if he comes up with the correct answer to a math problem but does not do it the “common core” way?!?! Baffling! Good luck! Hope Gavin adjusts to the insanity!

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  3. Yes I do agree. I feel that they should have a balance. I have always felt that a half a day or three hours was too little to get any real education. Children have enough energy to withstand a full day with play time. When you cram that much information in a short time, how much of it is really being retained? I totally understand where you are coming from.

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