Spotlight on Shani and Child Life Mommy

It feels so great to be recognized. Here is a little spotlight on who I am. Thanks to Amanda at Mama Momtourage for sharing my story. Enjoy the inside scoop peeps and be sure to follow Mama Momtourage‘s blog and Facebook page.

Mama Momtourage

Today’s Five for Friday is Shani.  She and I went to high school at Christian Brothers.  She was tall, pretty, smart, athletic, funny, and always nice to everyone.  Since then she graduated from San Diego State, went to graduate school in New York, got married, had two adorable little boys, launched a website, and published a book: It’s Time For Your Checkup What To Expect When Going to a Doctor Visit!  Phew, that’s a lot of accomplishments.  Thankfully this over-achiever is happily sharing expert tips on her website Child Life Mommy.  One post at a time, she’s helping the rest of us tackle doctor’s visits, everyday life, and even potty training.  “Like” her Child life Mommy FB page for more tips from our Child Life expert.

Meet Shani


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