Connecting with the community


All Kids Fair, Child Life Mommy

I just had my first event at The All Kids Fair in Melville, New York. It was a great day to connect with other parents, professionals, educators and businesses to spread the word on Child Life Mommy.

There were over 90 exhibitors and 24 classes that were made available to the 1,000 people who came.

I was so lucky to have some awesome child life students from Bank Street College of Education. They volunteered their time to help me set up and work the booth and lead a class on medical play and syringe painting.

photo 3


photo 4

Syringe Painting Child Life Mommy


Syringe Painting Child Life Mommy

photo 2

Medical Play Child Life Mommy

It was a great way to bring an awareness to the child life profession and let families know that our services exist in hospitals throughout the country. We provided information on medical play, preparation, comfort positions, distraction and healthy ways to support kids during a medical experience.


All Kids Fair, Child Life Mommy

photo 2

All Kids Fair, Child Life Mommy

I am hopeful that by spreading the word on both the private practice of Child Life Mommy as well as the services made available in local hospitals, parents and caregivers will be more inclined to ask for a child life specialist.

If you have the opportunity to be part of an event like this, I would encourage you to do it. Let’s help our profession continue to grow!



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