It’s Time For Your Checkup

It’s Time For Your Checkup

It's Time For Your Checkup

Taking children to the doctor can be incredibly overwhelming for parents. Children can often become frightened and anxious with what will occur. They may not fully understand what will happen and why. The new environment, medical team, or previous clinical experience may increase their fears and make it that much more difficult.

As a child life specialist, I know what will typically occur at the visit. I prepare my own children for what will happen and teach them coping strategies to get through procedures such as a blood test or vaccination.

I know that many parents struggle with how to get their child ready and to support them best during the visit. I have created a preparation book to do just that. It is a wonderful tool to use before and after a checkup. It is filled with photographs and explanations using the five senses to teach children what will happen. Choice making, comfort positions, coping and distraction strategies are all discussed to help children and parents feel safe and in control.

It is a great book for new parents, medical personnel, teachers and kids.

It’s Time For Your Checkup, What to expect when going to a doctor visit

Available in both a paperback and digital format.


8 responses to “It’s Time For Your Checkup

  1. Love this! I follow your blog and as a fellow CCLS, have added it to our Wish List of items to purchase for our families that come through the hospital! Love supporting our Child Life family!! 🙂
    – CCLS at Florida Hospital for Children Orlando, FL

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