Exploring Casting Materials

Using casting materials can be a fun way to let children explore the materials and gain mastery over a broken bone or injury. This is something that child life specialists use in the medical field during group and individual play sessions.


It is also a great way for children to self express their thoughts and feelings using art materials to decorate and enhance the casting mold. Families can do this activity just as easily at home. It can be done on a doll/stuffed animal or a body part.


The casting material can be purchased at a local art supply store or online.

When children are given the opportunity to manipulate the materials in a non-thretaning way, they can begin to process what they have experienced when being casted. It can also be a great tool for children and adults who were not directly effected by an injury or illness, but experienced a loved one going through it.

Once the material is dry than the fun of decorating it begins!

This is an amazing way for self-expression to come out. Children and adults can really give their thoughts and feelings a voice through their art work.

Below is a picture of a casting mold of a breast cancer patient. She did the casting on her chest and then was inspired by a song from her fellow supporters to create the design.

IMG_0744 copy

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