DIY Glitter Wand

Creative way to add a distraction tool to your coping kit!

prescription for play

I was inspired to create these DIY glitter wands after making test tube glitter wands.  They were fun, but small, and I wanted a distraction item craft I could create with patients that would have a little more “wow” factor. I went to the plumbing section of my local hardware store to look at tubing.  Originally, I was looking to come close to the clear plastic baton-type wands that many child life specialists know and love (I know I do!).  What I found instead was an interesting selection of clear vinyl tubing.  So, my glitter “wand” is really a large “glitter ring”.  This is a multi-step process, so you might want a volunteer or other helper if you want to try making these with a group.  I’ve done it individually and in a group setting.  If I make them in a group I pre-construct the first two steps.

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