Urgent Care Visit

St. Patty’s Day was fun. Just hanging out with the boys, dressing them up in their green shirts and silly hats and trying desperately to get a decent picture of them.


Our day was normal as usual until 4pm rolled around and my four-year old started to complain of ear pain. He kept persisting that it was hurting and asked for medicine. Oh, great! Now, I know it was bugging him as he is the type of kid that never complains of pain. He will be coughing up a lung from a cold and allergies and still be running around at full speed. Today, he was snuggled up on my lap, with his blankies and continuing to whine from the discomfort.

I was afraid that he would get worse through the night, spike a fever, vomit and be in agony, so I googled urgent care clinics in our area. I found one that was open until 8pm, grab my Go Bag, IPad, and his favorite stuffed animal.

He was seen within just a few minutes and had a confirmation of an ear infection. I got his antibiotic prescription and headed out the door. Of course it is now after 7pm on a Sunday and our pharmacy s closed. I drove to two CVS’ but found that both pharmacies were closed as well. Thank goodness for Siri, she found a Wallgreens for me with a 24hr pharmacy.

I was home by 845 and Gavin got his first does of antibiotic then, chased with a superhero ice pop. He took it like a champ and was off to lala land after 9pm.

Note to self and other parents, know where the nearest urgent care clinic is and 24hr pharmacy. It will save you some time from the search and less time at a clinic versus the emergency room.

730am, eating a spiderman ice pop after taking his medicine

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